Light randomly turning on

Hi all, I seem to have an issue with one of my bedroom lights which is controlled by a gen 1 Fibaro dimmer module. Every now and then it will turn on when it is off, there are also occasions where it turns off when it’s on but mainly it’s the former scenario. There is no pattern to the time it happens or day but early this morning it happened twice. First time I switched it off via my Google Home app and then a few minutes later it turned itself on again, and again I switched off via Google Home app.

I’ve considered the hacking scenario but given it only happens with this one light I’m not convinced - plus I’ve also recently changed my ST account password as part of migrating to the new app. Anyway, does anyone know what might be the cause or how I can maybe reset the Fibaro module in question preferably without removing the wall switch?

Are you sure, that it is not caused by the physical switch itself? It more sound like that.

How do you mean?

A short on the switch would cause the Fibaro relay to change state.

Hmm OK I’ll check the switch although I haven’t opened it for a couple of years at least so not sure how a short would develop…

Is there a way to also reset the module via the IDE?

What do you mean, reset?

Meaning a reboot just to clear any issues or even a factory reset. I’m just thinking sometimes simply “turning off and turning on” can fix random issues like this.

You can reboot the module by turning off the power at your breakers in the house. No other method for that.

Doing a factory reset, you need to refer to the manual of the Fibaro dimmer. But it means that you need to add it again to your Zwave network. I believe Fibaro has some solutions to do this sort of reset by using the connected switch, but you can find it in the manual.