Fibaro Dimmer to Remain On after Power Up

Hi All,
I have just installed a Fibaro Dimmer 212.
Because of the way my kitchen cabinets and plynths are wired, I have had to wire it up so that when the light switch for the unit lights is turned on, it supplies the power to the Fibaro dimmer, which in turn powers it up and it then re-associates with my z-wave network.
Not ideal but it seems to work OK.
What I want it to do is when the power is provided to the dimmer and it re-associates as above, that it goes into an ON state and turns the lights on and leaves them on.
At present it turns the lights on and they flash while it associates again and then turn the lights off.

I am using the Fibaro Dimmer 2 UK device handler that has been written by @rmbhatia and it is working flawlessly apart from this little tweak to the code that I would like.

Any ideas anyone…
Hope this all makes sense.

There are two choice for what happens after a power failure (which is what the dimmer 2 thinks is happening here). The default is to restore the state before the power failure, so if it was off it will be off when power resumes and vice versa. The other option is just off. I don’t see a way to have it be automatically on after a power fail without coding. you would need a routine that senses the Dimmer 2 is ‘back’ and then sends an ‘on’ command.

Try setting parameter 35 to 0. I believe its trying to recalibrate after power failure, hence the flickering.

Thanks @rmbhatia but I’ve already tried playing with that parameter to no avail I’m afraid. I can see that it does change things as the lights stop flashing during the re-association phase.
I suppose I’m after an app or something in the code that sets the default of the dimmer to on when powered on.
Not my thing coding…

Ideally u need to set up 2 dimmers. One for the main kitchen light, one for the cabinets. This way u can set up a use case that turns the cabinet lights on when the kichen light gets turned on.

Also… Did u mess around with parameter 9? This is supposed to remember the state on power failure.