UK Fibaro Dimmer 2 FGD-212

I purchased a few used Fibaro Dimmer 2 FGD-212

I followed the install instruction of wiring using the two wire method. Connected the Always Live to the L, S1 to the 1 Way on the switch SX connected to the common on the switch, SX and N looped using a short cable and the arrow symbol going to the light fixture.

I also installed the following code on my IDE

I press the B button on the fibaro dimmer which then turns on a small tiny blue light on the fibaro which i assume means it’s in pair mode. I search for it on ST app but cannot find it. The blue light doesnt stay on very long. Is something wrong? Do I need to reset it or anything because it’s a used device?

Also, is the dimmer supposed to get warm? I just had it on trying to set it up for like 5 mins and the device already felt warm. I am wondering does the device get warm even when lights are off?

I would reset it as it most likely still thinks it belong to the old system.

Resetting the Dimmer 2:

  1. Disconnect the power supply.
  2. Remove the Dimmer 2 from the wall switch box.
  3. Connect the power supply.
  4. Locate the B-button on the housing.
  5. Press and hold the B-button to enter the menu mode.
  6. Wait for the visual LED indicator to turn yellow.
  7. Quickly release and click the B-button again.
  8. After few seconds the device will be restarted, which is signalled
    with the red LED indicator colour.
  9. The device enters the calibration mode.

Then add to your system

3x click of the B button.
• send the Node Info Z-Wave command frame (adding/removing)

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Thanks, I will try that tomorrow and see how that goes. Any idea about the heat the Dimmer is generating? Is it supposed to generate heat all the time even if the lights are turned off? My lights were not even turned on to full brightness and the fibaro dimmer got a little warm. There are small 5 small G9 33W bulbs in the light fixing.

Just tried this. The fibaro itself went through the cycle of resetting as per instructions. The device then recalibrated and then the led goes green for few seconds which indicates the light is dimmable.

After that I pressed the B button 3 times to enter paring mode. Then in smart things app I went to add things and it just fails to show up. I added the handler mentioned in original post to the ide website.

Anyone know what is happening ? I’m assuming either the handler isn’t working or something up with the Dimmer? I’ve tried 2 dimmers and same problem

I enter the pairing mode the app and then push the B button quickly 3 times. Theo only time one has failed to show was a broken module.

How far from the nearest working module is this and how far from the hub?

You could try a Z-wave repair first and then try again. Let su know ion you see any errors.

I have tried 2 modules and they are both doing the exact same thing unless both modules are broken? It’s completely failing to show up on the ST app. What is a Z-wave repair and how do you do that?

Z-wave repair is a hub utility. You can run it from the app or the developer portal.

So I finally got it to detect in ST. A simple reset procedure doesn’t help because I needed to actually perform an exclusion to delete the device and this automatically resets the fibaro too. After I did an exclusion I was able to enter the paring mode.

However, I now have problem with the following handler that I tried:

If I install the above handler, the fibaro dimmer gets detected as a fibaro dimmer 2 but it just doesn’t seem to work. Whatever I try it just doesn’t turn on or off.

I then deleted this handler to test it and without the handler it detects the fibaro dimmer 2 as a z wave multi channel and with default settings it actually works but the on off labels don’t update. So this means there is a problem with the above handler

Any ideas what is wrong with the handler? I have a EU frequency hub and a EU frequency fibaro dimmer. Could it be that the above handler might be on a different frequency