Light keeps turning off between 7:30-7:40am

Looking for help brainstorming ideas why my GE/Jasco light switch (14294) might be turning off every morning between 7:30-7:40am. My first thought was that it was somehow connected to a morning/sunrise routine, but I only have one of those scenes/automations set, and that light is not (nor has it ever been) associated with those.

The light is in my office, and I generally turn it on around 6:45-7:00am when I wake up and go in there. There are two lights - also a smart outlet plugged into the wall that turns on a desk lamp.

There are no other automations occurring at this time, and I don’t notice any other lights turning off or on at the same time.

And ideas on what I should start thinking about?

Check the event history of the device in the IDE. It seems like some of the history is no longer visible there (such as if an Automation changed the switch), but it might give you an idea if some other SmartApp is controlling the light.

I’d probably check the device page in the IDE first, checking the ‘In Use By’ section to see what legacy apps it works with, and doing a ‘List Events’ (switching from ‘Displayed’ to ‘All’) to see if there is anything interesting going on around the time the light turns off.

You might like to check the actual times the light goes on and off each day just in case the light is always on for e.g. exactly 45 minutes rather than very roughly 45 minutes. A fixed delay between on and off would tend to point the finger at an automation of some sort, perhaps a power allowance.

Thanks @jlv - Yeah, all I can see is that it turned off, not by what or why.

Thanks @orangebucket - the “In Use By” section lists the smart lighting app. I’m not entirely sure how to read all the information there, but it looks like it’s indeed set to trigger when I press my GE/Jasco Button 1 switch to turn it on (which is also set to toggle off) - these work as expected. I’m not seeing anything else listed, but I’m not sure I know what to look for.

How do I do a “List Events?”

Interesting about the 45 minutes/exact timing - I’ve never set an automation to turn off based on power usage, and it’s an energy efficient bulb, so doubt that’s it, but where might I find if that’s something in use?

It seemed like in the old app you could see a list of things that were interacting with the device, but that’s been removed in this version.

It should be on the same page in the IDE as ‘In Use By’. If you click on ‘List Events’ you should get a page of events with a header that mentions Displayed, All and From Device. Displayed will be selected. If you click on All you see more.

Yes, that is what ‘In Use By’ is. It is just a list of legacy apps that have subscribed to the device. You also see webCoRE pistons that use the device in conditions but don’t subscribe as webCoRE creates fake subscriptions just so the pistons show up in the list.

Really appreciate its @orangebucket - here’s a screenshot of the events listed. It seems the device is the source of turning itself off and on. Any idea how that’s possible?

I suspect that ‘new’ integrations might not show up. So you might not see evidence of things like Scenes, Automations, Alexa or Google.

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Hopefully those will be included at some point - sure makes sense to have those all listed in one place.

And…just now embarrassingly realizing that the device in question is actually a Hue bulb that I’m controlling via my GE/Jasco switch (the switch button is triggering a Smart Lighting automation). Does this change anything in terms of possible culprits of the sudden turn off?

Thanks so much!

Wanted to provide a quick update. Turns out the Hue app had included a sunrise auto fade/off routine without me having set one. Not sure why it took me this long to figure it out.

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