Help! all lights turn off suddenly a few times a day

Mysteriously for the last few days, a few times a day all lights turn off ( i have around 25 hue bulbs) cant find an app that makes it happen. any help how to detect and solve the proble,?

You could leave a browser window open to the IDE live log page. If it’s happening that frequently it shouldn’t be too long before you catch some of these phantom events.

There might be some details there that point to the culprit.


If it happens at around the same time, you could open a liv logging window and leave it until an instance occurs. Hopefully this will tell you what is triggering it.
Is there anything in the ‘Recently’ tab in the mobile ST app?

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thanks. I’ll open the IDE to look

Check your IDE events list, track down the app sending the command for each device.

how do I do it?
It just happened again a few minutes again, and again four hours ago.

Did you have live logging open in your IDE?

Open your IDE -> My Devices -> Click on your device -> Scroll down -> Click on List Events

It’ll look something like this:

2018-05-29 1:16:17.006 AM EDT
15 hours ago DEVICE switch off Attic Fan switch is off
2018-05-29 1:16:08.862 AM EDT
15 hours ago APP_COMMAND off Attic Fan Auto Vent sent off command to Attic Fan
2018-05-29 1:12:54.692 AM EDT
15 hours ago DEVICE switch on Attic Fan switch is on
2018-05-29 1:12:52.643 AM EDT
15 hours ago APP_COMMAND on Attic Fan Auto Vent sent on command to Attic Fan
2018-05-28 10:15:27.067 PM EDT
18 hours ago DEVICE switch off Attic Fan switch is off
2018-05-28 10:15:13.068 PM EDT
18 hours ago APP_COMMAND off Attic Fan Auto Vent sent off command to Attic Fan

You can trace which app is sending the command. If you click on the event, it’ll give your more details including the smartAppId which you can trace from your IDE under My SmartApps -> Click on your SmartApp and look a the URL to get the SmartApp Id

You can also look at the list of SmartApps associated with your device under the My Devices page below the List Events link. When you click on it, you’ll see the ID in the URL which will match the installedSmartAppId from the detailed events page that you got to by clicking in the specific event in the previous step.

Now you can match the exact SmartApp and the installed instance to the event for that specific device.

unfortunately no

just any device? the Hue hub? just pick a hue bulb, one of the many that turned off?

As @RBoy has said above, looking at events may give an indication.
How about also going into your device in the IDE and scrolling down to ‘In Use By’.
Have you got an app or something configured that you have forgotten about.

I believe this was the last event. the source is “Device”

Date Source Type Name Value User Displayed Text
2018-05-29 11:04:28.846 PM IDT
20 minutes ago DEVICE switch off Kitchen 1 switch is off

Have you something configured on your Hue Bridge that could be causing the issue. A scene or something maybe.

If the source is DEVICE then it came from the device itself (e.g. a power fluctuation or physical operation)

If the event says APP_COMMAND you can trace the app which sent it.

The source is Device. The only change i did is that I installed a mesh router system instead of the regular router i used to use. Can it be the reason? kind of the changes from 2.4 to 5 or something similar?
i am using the TPLINK DECO M5

Yes, shifting from 2.4 to 5 “may be” the cause as 5GHz signals have poor penetration through walls and obstacles and maybe the far devices get disconnected temporarily. Other cause may be unstable wifi signals.

so any suggestions? Should I return the mesh and go back to the regular router?

I can’t see how this could send a signal to turn the devices off which is what you are saying is happening. I can understand losing contact etc. with devices but not actually sending commands to them. (Could be wrong though).
I’m afraid your best bet, if you have exhausted all the other suggestions above, is to open live logging, leave it running, and wait for the lights to turn off.
You can then click on one of the devices that turned off, and then see all the events that have occurred for that device. Good luck.

if you can, shift temp to old router as it may diagnose the problem, and if that is the cause, you can tweak it or may shift to 2.4G on new router