Light flashes before fully turning off


I keep having an issue with my lights flashing before they completely turn off. More specifically:

Lights are off
Turn switch on
Lights gradually go to last dimmer setting
Flick switch off
Light gradually goes off then breifely flashes at 100% the quickly straight off

Here is my set up:

GE zwave dimmer (not plus)
LED bulbs
Switch is wired correctly and all connections are tight.
No fluctuations in electricity are happening (stable)
Default DH for dimmers

Do you think the dimmer is bad? Do I need a better DH? Any input would be great.


Brand and model of the bulbs? (I realize they are dumb bulbs.) And specifically are they rated as dimmable?

Osram DX1532, LED9BR30/DIM/827/G2
9W, 650 lumens, 2700k temp

Says it can be dimmed to 10%

Change one bulb to halogen and test again.


That did it! Any ideas as to why that worked?

Too low Power/Watts for that switch. happens the same with motion Lutron dimmer switches and others…

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My experience has been that dimmable LEDs are bad at dimming. Maybe there are really good ones out there, but I’ve yet to find them. Even ones that dim decently have a 50/50 shot at buzzing.

In places that I really want good dimming, I use halogen or even incandescent.