Problem: GE Zwave dimmer full brightness before it turns off

Hi all, I recently had our basement done and a set of 4 dim-able LED recessed lights installed on a GE zwave dimmer. Tonight the bulbs started acting very odd. I dimmed the lights by holding the switch down and left it. About an hour later the bulbs snapped up to full brightness. I set the dimmer again and shortly after the same thing happened. So I turned the lights off. When the lights turn off they slowly dim until they are off. After they got to the lowest level the lights snapped to the brightest setting and then finally turned off.

Has anyone else experienced that? Any ideas what’s causing it?

It sounds like a smartapp are something is setting the level to 100.
I have also seen behavior like this with ge link bulbs and a minimote.
Try removing the dimmers then add it again.
This has solved issue like this for me.