Flashing Lights with GE/Jasco Dimmer Switch: New Problem

(Patrick Musselman) #1

New problem here and hoping the community can help. A GE/Jasco dimmer switch that has been installed for over 3 years without issue on ADT Pulse and Vera. When the lights are turned on via the switch or the app I get to quick flashes before it goes up to 100%. And when I turn it off at the switch or the app I get numerous flashes before it goes out. If I try to dim the light in any direction at the switch that lights flash controllably. And to be quite honest I don’t think that they are going all the way up to 100% when I move it to 100% in the app. Any ideas what could be causing this?


Several possibilities, but let’s start with a few questions.

  1. Have you changed the bulbs that are controlled by the switch?

  2. Do you recall the exact model of the switch?

(Patrick Musselman) #3

I have not changed the bulbs and I am not sure of the exact model of the switch. I just completely removed it from ST and I am still experiencing the issue when I try to turn the switch on. Maybe it is just going bad?


Could be, or the GE device or could be current fluctuation on the wire. If you just plug a plain unnetworked table lamp into an outlet on the same circuit is it flickering? If so, call an electrician right away, the circuit itself is bad.

(Patrick Musselman) #5

I have another regular light switch on the same circuit right next to the z-wave dimmer switch and there is no flashing or flicking there.


Sounds like the dimmer switch itself, then. :disappointed:

(Patrick Musselman) #7

I will have to try an swap it out. I have some new ones in box that I have not gotten around to installing. Thanks for the help.


Be careful, just in case it’s a fault in the circuit in between the table lamp and the dimmer box…

(Bryan Fleming) #9

I’ve had similar flashing issues with these switches when associated with ST and not on other controllers, Vera and Revolv. I can’t figure out what the problem is. It’s happening with different bulb types incandescent and LED.

(Patrick Musselman) #10

So I just tried flipping the breaker and that seem to solve the problem. Lights come as they should normally. Over the weekend I was installing some other switches and this is one of the breakers that got turned on and off repeatedly throughout the weekend. This time around I gave it several minutes in the off position and then back on. Everything seems normal but I will keep a close eye on it.

(Bryan Fleming) #11

Here’s my previous thread of this issue: http://community.smartthings.com/t/lights-flashing/