Lifx Tip: ignore power if you want to pre-set scene via IFTTT

(Joel) #1

If you use motion sensors like and lifx… the main reason I got lifx is to use the awesome scene functionality via the app.

Recently, Lifx updated ifttt to set scenes… but I personally don’t want them to turn on or off… I just want to set the scene and not change the state of the bulb.

With some help from lifx support - I found you can do this by adding “ignore: power” to the Advanced Options to Activate Scene. So if the lights are on - the scene will show the change straight away…if they are off - they won’t change til they are turned on next.

Working very well!

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(might be my fake name?) #2

Do u have to have the semi colon after it?

Ignore: power;


Ignore: power

(Joel) #3

nope just

ignore: power

(Tim Slagle) #4


You put that option into the Lifx scene or the Ifttt recipe?

(might be my fake name?) #6

Ifttt recipe. Click the gear in the recipe and then click “more info” within the recipe to get some help.