LIFX bulbs UK not working 21/04/17

My LIFX bulb was working until about an hour ago. Now it is completely unresponsive from SmartThings. It is working fine from the LIFX app. I don’t see any errors in the IDE live logging. Can someone help me resolve this issue? I don’t want to delete and re add the light as I will have to redo all the automations I have setup.

I’ve just checked mine and it’s working fine through the Smartthings app and via device triggers (mood cube block)…sorry, unable to replicate. Are you seeing anything being logged in the IDE Live Logging…not just errors but actual commands for the LIFX device?

Mine started working again. Wasn’t​ working for about an hour around 5pm GMT today.

When it wasn’t working, on off commands were logged fine, but the light wasn’t turning on.

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