LIFX Mini Day and Dusk

I’ve got a LIFX Mini Day and Dusk bulb and I’m trying to find the best handler for it. The regular one doesn’t seem to know what the max color temp is (the bulb only goes to 4k, but the handler goes to something like 11k).

I’ve also tried the Better LIFX handler from @whoismoses:

But that seems to only be for color bulbs. Are those the only options?

I’m using the LIFX color bulb for my Color Minis (and outside to boot) and they have no issue with the temps.

When you said the “regular one”, you meant the LIFX White Bulb as shown? Have you tried assigning it the LIFX Color Bulb device type just to see if the results differ from the White one?

Yes, I meant the White. I’ll give the color a try when I get a chance.

@WardenGiggles, did you manage to get the LIFX Mini Day&Dusk working with the colour bulb device handler? Thinking of buying one of these if it works, otherwise I’ll go with the standard white. cheers!