Lifx mini bulb reliability issues

Hello all,

I just started to play around with lifx bulbs and purchased a lifx mini color bulb for my master bed room. I currently have sengled element classic’s as well which are quite a bit less expensive and interestingly enough I have way more reliability issues with the lifx then anything else. I would say 3 times out of ten per any command the lifx will fail whether it be turning on or off in a routine or changing color or brightness in smartthings it just seems to fail and not do anything if I run the command a second time it usually works. Reliability and speed seem to be better in the lifx app but as I dont do as much in it I can’t say if its 100% reliable either. I use webcore to drive routines and tried the lifx device handler as well as the ‘better lifx bulb’ handler by ericvitale and no matter what I seem to have the same problems. The same problems exist just trying to control the light straight from smartthings as well. Was wonder if anyone has some advice? Only thing I can think of here is that the bulb is installed in a ceiling fan with an enclosed glass bowl around it which may be affecting the signal sent to it. So I will be taking that off to see if the problem persists but the light itself is only 15 feet or so from the actual wireless router in my house. I would hope that the bulb isn’t that sensitive to signal strength but perhaps I am wrong. Thanks for any and all advice!