Lifx bulbs, GE Switch and ST

Good evening everyone. I just purchased 2 LifX Color bulbs for our master bedroom. Here is the exact hardware

LifX Color 1000. Both bulbs are in a ceiling fan light fixture.
GE In-Wall Smart Dimmer (12724).

I have the switch setup in smartThings and both of the bulbs are setup and configured.

Individually everything works as expected. If i turn on each bulb via the ST app under Things i can set the color as i would expect and turn them off and on.

When I try to setup a rule in either Rule Machine or Smart Lights that is when nothing really works correctly. My goal is when pushing the physical switch i want the lights to turn on and go to a specific white color. I set the parameters in Rule Machine and it does not set the color. The bulbs turn on but stay on what ever color they were on from any previous settings.

Once the settings were working with pushing the button and the lights turn on white i was then going to create virtual switches and use SmartTiles to add different color options through virtual switches.

It seems to me (although i am new to ST and just guessing) that since the bulbs themselves are “connected” devices that maybe they are not designed to work with a “connected” switch. If this is the case would i be better off putting the bulbs in individual bedside lamps maybe instead of trying to use them through a “connected” switch?

Any suggestions or guidance is greatly appreciated!!!

Can you post screenshots of your Rule from Rule Machine?
That will help out tremendously as we’ll be able to find out what might be going on and/or replicate the issue.

Certainly. Here is a screenshot of the rule.

Unfortunately, the bulbs I have don’t support Color Temperature, but I am able to use a rule for a physical switch to set a color and a brightness.

I hope someone else with some LIFX bulbs (or some other color temp) can chime in.

Thank you for the quick response. So you are able to set a color just not the temp? I cant even get the color to work either. If i remove the temp part and simply try the color i get the same results. The bulbs stay on the previous color. If i open the individual “thing” for each bulb and set the color to say red. Then i go in my rule and tell it to set the bulb color to white when i push the physical switch it will turn the lights on but the color remains red.

What bulbs do you have?

I have Philips Hue bulbs.

But, yes. I can get a rule to set color and dim level using that same trigger of physical switch.

What happens if you remove the dimmer level and only set color temp with the rule (using just a Turn On these switches instead of Set These Dimmers action)

When you turn off the physical switch powers no longer goes to the bulb. I’m thinking that when it receives power it reverts to the last save state.*** To test try setting up a virtual switch in place of the dimmer (leave dimmer on). If it works on the VS then the dimmer with power off is the problem.

Maybe you can have the dimmer trigger a VS (virtual switch) that in turn operates the LIFX bulbs.

I have the LIFX 800’s I use one as a weather indicator. When it is first activated it momentarily lights as its prior setting then it changes to the color the being sent by the weather app.

*** Rick (rpittser) is right. It’s not going to it’s last saved state but to the base state of on 100% no color.
The happens with all my connected bulbs when the power is cut,

You could be running into this situation with the smart switch and bulbs (from the LIFX support site): If you turned on the light switch, need brighter light than the bulb is set at, and you do not have your app easily accessible, you can flick the wall switch off and back within 3 seconds your LIFX Bulbs will turn to a bright white.

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I have 6 Philips hues arriving today and was debating if I should pull the dimmer that’s currently in place or straight wire it. After finding your issue and thinking about it, I think I’ll go the virtual switch route and see how that works. I’ll still pull the dimmer and replace it w/ an on/off. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to use a dimmer which (reduces voltage) on a smart bulb that is designed to operate off 120V.

Thanks for all the responses. I will try the virtual switch route today and let everyone know.

So you guys keep mentioning the fact that the voltage may not be 100% with a “connected” dimmer switch. So would/could an alternative be to replace the dimmer switch with a standard connected switch?

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It’s generally bad practice to use a wall dimmer (smart or dumb) to power a smart bulb. Most dimmers will do a ramp up the voltage and/or don’t supply the full 120v at max brightness, and can cause issues with the smart bulbs. I don’t think this is causing your issue.

Can you check the live logs as you try to run your rule? I suspect you may be trying to hit the Lifx API with several commands quickly, and the 2nd set (the color temp change commands) are bouncing back. You should be able to see in the logs that the commands are being sent to the bulbs and you might see response messages from the Lifx Connect SmartApp or your Lifx bulbs.

Thanks for the suggestion Sticks… I will go work on that now…

When you say look at the logs/commands being sent are you talking about the activity feed in ST or the logging in the LifX app?

Live logging is a more in depth “activity feed” that can be found by logging into the developer IDE. If you’re getting an error from the LifX commands, you should be able to see it there. If you go to the link below there are links at the top right to Login or Sign Up for access. Once in you would go the Live Logging tab, and as any devices or SmartApps in your ST setup have any activity you’ll see them start to pop up there.

Got it… I am going to try it now…

So i replaced the dimmer with a standard connected (GE) switch. Everything is working perfect now. Thanks to everyone for the assistance.


I just got 4 Lifx Bulbs. I noticed on the box they said not to use them with phase cut dimmer switches. I have to swap out my GE Dimmer for a regular switch. It sounds like this will work.