LIFX Integration Broken

Seems at some point today all connection to my LiFX bulbs has broke. Trying to readd LiFX, or activate any LiFX device, says there’s a communication error with the server.

Controlling LiFX via LiFX App works fine though. Anyone else experiencing this?

My Lutron system is no longer showing in Linked Devices and the add Linked Devices menu is no longer available to restore them. Lutron app works fine.

Probably the same problem as yours. I tried customer service but the chat bot kept asking where I bought my Samsung product!

Status still shows all services operational.

For me, it’s just not LIFX. Also broken (with the same Communication error message) are TP-Link /Kasa and Rachio as well.

Can update, Arlo is also not functional. eWe switches also down.

Seems all 3rd party integrations are offline.

Seems right. All “Linked Services” in the SmartThings app have disapperared. Ughh!

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All integrations using Amazon Web Services are affected in the east coast servers (which is a lot of smartthings accounts, whether you are on East Coast or not). Other integrations are not affected.

Many many sites, many different home automation platforms are affected. This one is not just smartthings. :thinking:

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