Hue and LIFX Lights, why so different

I have a mix of Hue and Lifx downlights. Running the Hue Bridge to connect the Hue Lights and the Lifx lights connect to SmartThings via the cloud app. I notice the Hue lights are faultless while the Lifx lights are still prone to occasional fails and going dark. Have replaced a few of my most frequently used Lifx lights with Hue but balking at the cost of full replacement as it is likely 30+ lights and an extra bridge. Why are the Lifx lights spotty in performance and any way to improve this?

Different companies, different engineering, different integrations.

You Didn’t say whether you have a smartthings/Aeotec hub or not, but if you do, you had the option to create a local LAN integration to the hue bridge, while the LIFX integration goes cloud to cloud. That in itself can add some delays and glitches.

On top of that, a number of people, including me, just feel that the Hue devices are better engineered, which is one reason they have been so popular. I’m sure the folks at LIFX would disagree, of course. so that one is just a matter of opinion.

But it’s not surprising that there is a difference. First rule of home automation: “the model number matters.“ :thinking:

As far as ways to improve it, have you tried asking LIFX support? They might have some suggestions.

Thanks, yes, have the the Aeotec hub. Will check out the LAN integration to Hue. I agree completely, the Hue Lights are simply better devices overall and if the internet drops we can still control them independently of the internet via bluetooth so that is also a plus. The Lifx downlights are DL WW 700lm.

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I am guessing one of the reasons why is because LIFX light bulbs are, in a sense, their own hub. Where as the hue bulbs send all the traffic to a single hub whether it’s the Phillips hub or the smart things hub.

I have the Hue eco system and have learned to keep it separate from ST.

the newer hue color bulbs are 1100 and run around $30ish on ebay.

the newest hue color bulbs are 1600, but thats only for white.