Lifx bulbs with smartthings

What program do I use to set a static IP for them? How do I go about doing that?

Should be in your router configuration if I’m not mistaken.

I’ll look. I have an apple time capsule. Thanks

Instructions for setting a static IP for your router.

Thank you.


Assuming I can get these working, (they are currently on and seen live on the Lifx app)…I have a question.

Tonight they will come on Red (I hope) as that’s what setting I changed them to. They will come on when my Outdoor Christmas lights switch on. Any idea what program I would use, (IFTTT), or maybe create a piston, or is there an app in smartthings that will automatically turn them back to white when my christmas lights go off at 11:30 for the night?

Thanks again for all the help

I would use CoRE.

IF Christmas_Lights switch changes to ON
WHEN TRUE LIFX_Bulb setColor to Red
ELSE IF Christmas_Lights switch changes to OFF
WHEN TRUE LFIX_Bulb setColor to Warm_White (or whatever white you want)

Thanks Eric,

I haven’t used CoRE yet, so I’ll pop over there to the support forums to figure out how to get that to work…