LIFX bulbs, sockets and switches

Firstly I’m in the UK.

I have a couple of use cases which I need some advice on switches for please.

Firstly I have a room where I have a LIFX bulb in the main ceiling light and one in a lamp. In this room I need a switch which can replace the existing wall mounted light switch but can control both LIFX bulbs. I was thinking of a Yagusmart switch for this, otherwise a Philips hue remote.

Next I have a room that has 2 smart KASA plugs, each controlling a lamp, and a Govee led strip. I believe the Govee can be controlled via SmartThings but not officially. What switch would work in this case? The main switch has a standard bulb in so this couldn’t be replaced unless the standard light continues to function as normal. I haven’t seen a dual switch when one controls a physical circuit and the other smart devices. For this I was thinking something like the Philips hue remote.

I would like to keep as much local as possible (not cloud) for latency and internet downtime reasons. I guess I would need a hub for this, any suggestions?