Advice on Smart Switch & LIFX bulb


I am looking for advice before i actually do what i am thinking in my head.

Smart Devices:
GE in wall Smart Switch
LIFX BR30 Bulbs

I want to keep the light switch always on and always control the lights by the app.
The issue is that people without the app (kids or guest) dont have access. I am considering in the future to get a wall mounted tablet.
Right now switch is off i lose access to the lights and i am able to recover them by either turning the switch on from ST or by pressing the switch.

my idea. what i am thinking and i want to double check to see if it will work. Can i disconnect the “load” from the switch leaving only (line, ground, neutral) and then having that load to the switch now just go straight to the lights. the lights would always be on and the switch will remain with a line power to it…

My assumption is that if i do this the switch will still operate so i could go into ST and configure SmartLighting to use the on/off position of the lights to send a signal to the individual bulbs to turn them on/off

What are your thoughts on this?