LIFX Smart Switch?

LIFX has a new smart WiFi switch which can either control the current to dumb bulbs or do what they call “soft switching“ for smart bulbs, which I think is similar to what a Zooz or Inovelli switch can do, so that pressing the switch sends a radio command rather than cutting the current.

The product description says it works with IFTTT or “all LIFX integrations,” but it’s not showing up in my smartthings app as one of the supported devices.

Does anyone know if this is included in the ST/LIFX integration? It would be a nice candidate for those in a hub optional ST configuration.

As LIFX is a Certified product, I have a feeling that it would take some time to get it into the SmartThings app, as the new products and any changes on the integration has to go through the certification process, what means sending the product to SmartThings and they do testing on it.

That makes sense, although with other companies your major partners usually send you the devices to be certified even before they are released to the market. But I don’t know how smartthings handles it.

I suppose in the meantime you could use IFTTT for integration. :thinking:

They are promising Homekit Integration by the end of 2021, it will be interesting to see what that delivers.

The LIFX integration is terrible. And nobody does anything about it.

Either the bulbs are disconnecting from the LIFX cloud or the LIFX cloud disconnects from the SmartThings cloud.

Local control of the bulbs working with the LIFX app as it finds the bulbs on the network and it can control them locally.

The previous Groovy integration with its local polling solution was far more better than the current C2C.

I am a bit surprised that LIFX is still having new products. I assumed that by the flood of Tuya devices they would slowly go down, as they would not be able to compete with the cheap Chinese products.

(I am using 3 LIFX Original bulbs for 7-8 years, they have got nice colors and they are quite bright as well, but their cloud connectivity was always an issue. They haven’t had any firmware update for years either. And any local integration is still done by polling, when they could have come out a local MQTT or REST API/WebSocket solution.)