Lifx BR30 White not supported?

I"m trying to connect my Lifx BR30 White bulbs – all other lifx bulbs are listed as supported with the notable exception of BR30 White. Is there are reason for this – are they explicitly not supported for Smartthigns?

Probably cause ST hasn’t written a device for it yet

How different can it be from other Lifx devices? At some point I’ll have to read the protocol documents.

The issue is not on lifx’s side it’s purely SmartThings not having a binary (on/off) only device for it… Yet. You are more than welcome to reverse engineer the current app and write a new device to get it to work. It’s part of what makes ST awesome.

I do remember hearing ST is reworking all of there C2C integrations to make them more robust. I’m sure it will be available… “In a matter of weeks” :wink:

Does anyone have any update on this? I’m looking to buy a bunch of LIFX BR30’s and I want to make sure they work with ST before I do