Life360 (Connect) Working in the UK


just a quick note for any like me who wanted to use life360 (connect) in the UK, but was getting an Access Denied Error

I got this working by copying the source for the device type and creating a new device type from code

Life 360 User

and creating a smartapp in the IDE from code

Life 360 Connect

I enabled OAuth in the App under SmartApp Settings

and entered my username in the clientId field, my password in the Client Secret field

and entered in the Server URL field.

I then chose in the Mobile app to add the Life 360 Connect from the My Apps section and then entered my Username and password again and this time the pairing succeded and i can use life 360 for presence which works so much better and reliable than the smartthings app on Windows Phones.



Works like a charm! Thanks! Mine’s on Android

Yep worked a charm for me too!!!

Many thanks!
Cannot understand how Samsung support say it’s not possible when there’s this quick workaround. Well done for working this out.

yes me too, anyway i am glad i could help.

Hi, could this work in countries other than the UK. Thanks

I would think so. Which region are you from? I’m only a are of the us and eu farms so far

I’m currently located in Saudi Arabia. I tried your method exactly as posted and I’m still getting the same error. Any ideas.

So are you using an imported uk hub?

No a us hub.

Ok so you shouldn’t need to do anything with the server field, however others have reported an inability to install life 360 in the us. Maybe worth reaching out to support

I just installed the DH and SmartApp in Denmark (EU) and it’s working. I didn’t have to change any server field.

BUT I didn’t understand where to “enabled OAuth in the App under SmartApp Settings”. I thought it meant in the SmartApp on my phone, but no, it was in the IDE :slight_smile:

So I had to mess a little around but it worked after 5 minutes, giving it a few tries.

So now I will start using lige360 as presence sensors for me and my wife, to automate “Leave” and “I’m back”, as the ST presence sensor using our phone earlier failed 5% or less of the time.
Meaning even if the phone and life 360 know I was home, ST still said I was away.

Hi im totally new to Smartthings. I would like to get Life360 working as mentioned above. Could someone provide me step by step instructions as I have never created a device or smartapp. Thanks for any help

I cannot seem to get this to work. I’ve installed the DH, and the smartapps, logged in and authorised, and then added mine and my wife’s phones. But the what? Do I need to add a devicw to go with my device type? Is the smartapp supposed to have added the DH?

Ok, it eventually added 2 devices.

Hi, if you go to then you can click on ‘device handler’ and ‘smartapp’ and copy/paste the code in from the respective links. Sorry for the brief reply, typing on my phone right now. PM me if you have issues.

nitin, could you give me more detailed instructions on how to do this. Thanks

Here you go

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