Help Finding Life360


Very new here - I’m in the UK and use Android. I’ve searched all the community and found posts describing either problems with the Life360 smartapp or that it is working. What I can’t find out is where to get it from! I can’t find it in marketplace - can’t even see a ‘social’ category.

Can someone help and tell me where to get this smartapp?

Thanks in anticipation.

It’s an app you install on your mobiles:

Then instructions on connecting it to ST are here:

Thanks for the reply. I am signed in with Life360 but, in marketplace, there isn’t a ‘social’ category at all! I imagine it should be between ‘Samsun Home’ and ‘Wellbeing’ but it simply doesn’t exist (on my phone anyway). Any ideas?

Just tried it on my windows phone - no ‘social’ smartapps category there either :frowning:

Found it in my Social category. You might try looking for it in the IDE. I’m worried though that being in the UK, it missing means it may not work. :confused:

Hope I’m wrong.

like much of the UK ST eco system we need to work harder to get what we want. Look at the thread below. I’ve had it working with zero issues for months now.


Thanks for all the replies - very much appreciated.

I went to the length of deleting everything on my hub and then reactivating it with the code. Still, in the app there is no ‘social’ category under smartapps so I can’t copy and edit any code because I have no way of finding the Life360 app in the first place. Any ideas - this is weird if other UK users can see this category?


There is no category for UK . Have you read that link I sent?
Just copy the code using the IDE as per the great instructions given from @Fuzzyligic.

Ahh - didn’t realise they were links to code. All a bit daunting for a newbie :frowning:

Had a go and got it all working so many thanks. I just hope they get their UK act sorted soon as I’m not keen on this micromanagement :wink:

Thanks again to all.

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