Life360 'Access Denied' Error

Hi all,

I have been waiting for the OAuth bug to be remedied so I can use Life360 for presence-based actions. I don’t know if it has been fixed or not, but the error I was encountering seems to have been fixed, so maybe it has?

Either way, when I try to log in to Life360 I get a SmartThings error saying ‘Access Denied’ (pic attached). Is anybody else getting this, or does anybody know what might be causing it?

I think I’ve seen in other threads that they’ve fixed one issue for the UK, there are still others, but the one fix broke the US. Search should net you some better info.

I did search before posting, but found no information about this specific error. :smile:

It’s likely related to the other authentication issues. They are pushing a fix this morning so I’d recommend checking back shortly after to see if it is resolved. You may want to follow this discussion: