How to use Life360 as presence sensor outside of the US?

As I dont find my mobile phone as reliable presence sensor I want to use Life360, but I cannot find any useful thread explaining the best way to use Life360 as a presence sensor?
Anyone can help out?
Much appreciated :slight_smile:

I used the
smartthings : Life360 (Connect) smartapp and the smartthings : Life360 User device handler.
If you search the forum you should find them.

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Likwise… Had this setup well over a year now. Darn if I remember how I installed it though.

Here is athread that I used to connect us UK users.

This might help. (It’s an official integration, so support can help you if you get stuck.)

edited to update I didn’t realize that you were not in the US. I have changed the topic title to reflect that so you get more helpful answers.

Is their geolocation better than ifttt’s? I tried ifttt with the two teens at home (android and ios) and it wasn’t very reliable.

Thanks for the linkes to the DH and SmartApp.
I wasn’t sure if the best way would by through DH and SmartApp OR through IFTTT whish I couldn’t quite figure out how to use as presence sensor.

JDRoberts, I have seen that help-page some times now yes, but I (we in Europe perhaps) doesn’t have the Social category as described there.
I believe I have be through all the categories to find the official SmartApp for Life360 but I dont have it.

So I will give the DH and Custom SmartApp a try, thanks in advance to you all :slight_smile:

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