Life after the IDE: Questions and Answers


In the IDE, there is an entry for the hub’s Zigbee radio and one for the hub’s zwave radio that tells you if each is active. This is handy as a troubleshooting step when, say, all Zigbee devices go offline at once.

Is there a way to get this information once the IDE is gone? :thinking:


Question: How do I delete or rename a device now?

Answer: you can do this at the new web interface. Tap on the device tile, then choose the little gear icon to edit it.

You can also exclude and delete a zwave device from its device tile in the smartthings app:


There is certainly hub information out there in the API if you know where to look. My feeling is that what there is might be either replaced, or augmented, by something more user friendly.

            "zigbeeAvailability": "Available",
            "zigbeeChannel": "13",
            "zigbeeEui": "D043C6786DFA5774",
            "zigbeeFirmware": "5.4.4",
            "zigbeeNcpFirmware": "5.1.2",
            "zigbeeNodeID": "0000",
            "zigbeeOta": "0",
            "zigbeePanID": "9B45",
            "zigbeePowerLevel": "-14",
            "zigbeeRadioDetected": "true",
            "zigbeeRadioEnabled": "true",
            "zigbeeRadioFunctional": "true",
            "zigbeeRequiresExternalHardware": "false",
            "zigbeeType": "15",
            "zigbeeUnsecureRejoin": "true",
            "zwaveAvailability": "Available",
            "zwaveControllerStatus": "1C",
            "zwaveHomeID": "D143C8C9",
            "zwaveLibraryType": "CONTROLLER_BRIDGE",
            "zwaveNodeID": "01",
            "zwavePowerLevel": "full",
            "zwaveRadioDetected": "true",
            "zwaveRadioEnabled": "true",
            "zwaveRadioFunctional": "true",
            "zwaveRegion": "EU",
            "zwaveRequiresExternalHardware": "false",
            "zwaveSerialVersion": "0",
            "zwaveStaticDsk": "98415-56884-23456-87643-98765-66448-98876-00879",
            "zwaveSucID": "01",
            "zwaveVersion": "6.04",
            "zwaveZipGatewayVersion": "0.9.1"

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If only this stuff was placed in an informational area in the app. Like, I don’t know, the “Information” menu on the hub details perhaps.


Isnt there supposed to be a new app released in the one day… lets hope when one day arrives all the missing pieces re appear


Question: how do you get the manufacturer and model information without the IDE?

Answer: there are actually a few different methods.

As of August 2023, this information is available in the new official web interfaced, on the “advanced” page:

Or you can use one of the following methods:

a) You can temporarily assign the device to one of the utility drivers that displays it, then assign it back to the regular driver. Mariano’s zwave thing for zwave devices or Zigbee thing for Zigbee devices will both do this. You should be able to find both in his channel which is linked at the end of the first post in the following thread.

(EDGE Driver-Mc): Z-Wave Device Config Mc

b) You can query the CLI.

c) You can use a community-created web-based utility like API +

SmartThings API Browser+ ... Now Available to All

See the following discussion thread for details:

How to Get the Manufacturer ID and Model (fingerprint) without the IDE?


Question: how do you change the Zigbee channel on the hub once the IDE is gone?

Answer: you can do this through the advanced page in the new web interface, putting out the warning there, that this might negatively impact your thread devices:


d) The API - You can do this with Post Man, which is probably the easiest. I occasionally do it just with cURL

curl --location --request GET ‘’ --header ‘Authorization: Bearer My_SmartThings_Token_ID’


"deviceId": "device ID",
    "name": "basic-switch",
    "label": "Zigbee Switch",
    "manufacturerName": "SmartThingsCommunity",
    "presentationId": "secret",
    "deviceManufacturerCode": "_TZ3000_f97vq5mn",
    "locationId": "secret",
    "components": [
            "id": "main",
            "label": "main",
            "capabilities": [
                    "id": "switch",
                    "version": 1
                    "id": "firmwareUpdate",
                    "version": 1
                    "id": "refresh",
                    "version": 1
            "categories": [
                    "name": "Switch",
                    "categoryType": "manufacturer"
    "createTime": "2022-12-03T18:29:44.250Z",
    "parentDeviceId": "secret",
    "profile": {
        "id": "secret"
    "zigbee": {
        "eui": "2C1165FFFE99BCE3",
        "networkId": "E2C4",
        "driverId": "f2e891c6-00cc-446c-9192-8ebda63d9898",
        "executingLocally": true,
        "hubId": "secret",
        "provisioningState": "PROVISIONED"
    "type": "ZIGBEE",
    "restrictionTier": 0,
    "allowed": null
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Has anyone here managed to get the EDGE devices to show up in Home Assistant? They work fine with DH but they don’t get added if they use edge drivers, what gives?

Just in time (I read it won’t be possible after today), yesterday I used the IDE to change my hub zigbee channel to 15. I needed to modify as my Eero router does not allow me to modify the wifi channel. In the ST app on an android tablet I noticed today that it has automatically modified my future Thread network channel to 15.

Everything has now been paused, the latest date is 1st quater 23, so no need to panick about 31st

Q: Where to check Zigbee routing?

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A: at the time of this posting, it will not be available after IDE is terminated. Whether it will be at some point in the future is unknown.



How can I see live logging of a device that is using an edge driver?


@philh30 , a community developer, has instructions in his github for how to do this kind of live logging. You will need to have a laptop running the CLI (command level interface, a programmer tool for the new architecture).

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Question: How do I add a room?

Answer: use and select the plus sign in the upper right:

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You can also add a room in the “Manage Room” tab which is reachable at the bottom of the room selection dropdown. Simply click on the + sign.

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QUESTION: How can I reboot the hub remotely without the IDE?

ANSWER: this option was added to the advanced page of the new web interface in last July.


ST Wi-Fi (Plume) hubs have the ability to be rebooted from the ST app. Select hub-> Network Status-> Select hub/sub-hub->3 dot menu-> Reboot device.

Don’t know about the Connect Home hubs.

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Making a call to the new API to see IDE pages is easy enough, as is running the command to reboot the hub as the IDE does (it is a POST). Doing the latter with the required authentication is not so easy, and if it is possible then it exceeds my current capabilities and my willingness to push my curiosity further. I would hope there is a ‘new’ approach on the horizon.