Smartthings devices get added as placeholder

All of my ST devices get added as placeholder. i cant change it. and when i try to chose HUB i get

Access Denied

We’re sorry, but you are not authorized to perform the requested operation.

1 week ago my hub stop responding and noting worked. i did a factory reset on hub and all conection devices. Before the hub reset and device reset i did not have that problem.
Now i missing many functions and system is slow.

That is correct. The IDE is part of the old architecture and will be going away soon. Devices that show “placeholder” are now using edge drivers and are part of the new architecture. You can no longer make changes to them through the IDE.

Here’s the official announcement:

And the community FAQ

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in addition to what JD said, please make sure to subscribe to outage notifications at

There’s been a zigbee and sonos outage over the past week with the symptoms you described. a hub reset could have been avoided.


thanks JDRoberts. thats one quick answer! So will have to do some homework then and read up on the Edge

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Ok, i did look on the status page and did send email to support. but did not catch the sonos problem :expressionless: well well done is done

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