Ambi Climate

Would love to see integration with this once it’s out:

At least Ambi allows you access to your own historical data. Nest forbids it.

Have backed this project and would love to see it be able to integrate with SmartThings to give control of air con.

Still have two weeks to go, and not that far off of getting second strech goal of open API.

Bumping this back to the top. I purchased the Ambi Climate and it is amazing. Much better than Tado or Sensibo with window AC units. If anyone has any tips for building it into Smartthings, please let me know. I’ll reach out to the developers.

I’ve been looking at this for a while for my Mitsubishi Mr. Slim unit. So it’s pretty cool?

I cannot speak to a Mitsubishi Mr Slim unit but you should give it a try. I couldn’t get Sensibo or Tado to work, even after discussions with their engineering team and co-founder… but Ambi worked.

Got it and it works great!

Checking to see if anyone has any luck integrating this in with smartthings - looks like they have an api available - happy to help test as I have a couple of units i’d love to connect to ST

PS - here is the api - for reference:

Interested as well. I want to turn off a/c units when windows and doors are opened. Was thinking about insteon hub with sensors. I haven’t found any sample code or anyone that has done this yet.

Ambi has a version 2.0 on kickstarter right now… one of the stretch goals is SmartThings integration:

We may have reached our “goal”, but we have so many ideas up our sleeves that we have to keep going so that we can deliver them. Yes - that means Stretch Goals!!!

  1. If you help us reach HK$780,000 you’ll be able to enjoy “Comfort With Flying Colors” - an option to pick the color for the LED light of your Ambi Climate 2nd Edition, according to your home & mood.
  1. If you help us reach HK$1,170,000 we’ll get going on “Connected Everything” - various smart home integrations such as Homebridge & SmartThings. We know this is a hot topic and we’ll make sure to run a special survey to find out the top integrations on your wishlist!
  1. Finally, if you help us reach HK$1,560,000 we’ll introduce “One For All” - a multi-user comfort model which will track who’s at home via GPS and provide combined comfort for all the members - essentially means no more fights about the AC!

The survey is up for which ecosystems get priority develeopement… even though Ambi states that Apple Home Kit integration is unlikely due to technical reasons, currently it is the highest voted integration, followed by google home, then SmartThings. IFTT is already supported, and Alexa integration is reported as “almost complete (launching Q3 2017)”.

Take the Survey / Support SmartThings integration: