LG light bulb compatible with Smart things hub?


I have many LG wireless/ZigBee bulbs and wondering if there is a way to make them compatible with SmartThings hub. Model number is B1027EB0Z02.


It looks like they should work fine as ZHA bulbs, just reset them, pair them to the smartthings hub, and then change the device type handler to zigbee dimmer.


Ok thanks I will try resetting them.

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@JDRoberts can you tell me where you found out if it’s compatible please. Thanks.


I was able to re-pair the bulb, and have the on/off function work, but the dimming feature doesn’t appear to work. Is there any update available I can do?

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Are you using the SmartThings Classic app or the Samsung Connect app?


I’m using the smart things app. But I’ve logged into account.smartthings.com to make the bulb type changes.

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There are two SmartThings apps - Classic has the one big circle for the logo, SmartThings (Samsung Connect) has 6 small circles for the logo. Sounds like you have the Samsung Connect app. It is recommended that you install the SmartThings Classic app and use it at this point. The new Samsung Connect does not have all the functionality that is in the Classic app.


SmartThings with the 5 circles - I guess that’s the connect


You are right, I downloaded the classic, and I CAN DIM MY BULB!

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