Model:LB60Z-1 compatibility with Samsung Smarthings?

Is there a way to add a Linearlinc bulb to a Samsung Smartthings nextwork

Assuming you have a Smartthings/Aeotec hub with a zwave radio on the same zwave frequency, it should be possible. (Note that the smartthings β€œstation” hub does not support Zwave.)

That’s a rebrand of the Nortek zwave bulb, which was sold under multiple brand names, including gocontrol.

You will need to reset it first to clear out any old controller information.

After that, put it into pairing mode (again see the product manual), and then use β€œscan nearby” in the app, and it should join the network.

If it only joins as a β€œZ wave thing” then you may need to ask someone to add a fingerprint. But eventually it should add, although it may look like a Z wave dimmer switch rather than a smart bulb. There were very few zwave smart bulbs made by any brand, and they used the same device class as the dimmer switches. :thinking:

Ah! I didn’t know that. Thank you. I thought I had a Smartthing Hub. but let me check to confirm

Post the model number (from the label on the underside) and we can tell for sure. :sunglasses:

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I actually went to go take a picture of it to send you and when I flipped it over I took the picture and noticed there was a QR code on the back. So i scanned it and the hub wanted to be setup as new then. I was prompted to reset the hub which after following instructions closely i got done. The bulb still wasnt found. I put it and the hub in discovery mode a few times and finally the bulb is discovered, i think it found a dimmer (which i resd elsewhere the z-wave bulb is found as. But there are two. Both are greyed out and one I renamed. However when I click either of them the controls are all greyed out.

Model im6001-vp301

OK, that’s a US V3 hub. All good. It has zwave, and it should be the same zwave frequency as the bulb.

(Sharing the model number in the forum is fine, but delete or blur Any pictures that show the serial number.)

The good news is, it’s being found as a Dimmer. That’s correct. The bad news is that it didn’t fully add, that’s why there’s that little note that β€œ the device hasn’t updated all of its information yet.β€œ

I think some people have been having trouble adding new devices this week. In a few cases, everything resolved itself after a couple of hours, so you could just wait and see if that fixes it. Or you can contact support. :thinking:

But again the good news is you’re definitely close, so you should be able to get it to work eventually.

I forgot, one more thing.

The official web interface now has an advanced features page at:

Go to that and take a screenshot of the details of the device. That way we can see if the join succeeded or not.

Thank you for the assistance. I’ll remove that image. I thought about it being a bad idea ro share my device’s serial number, but then I figured there wasn’t much that could done for afar.

I figured I’d watch it overnight and see what happens

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So just to update you and anyone who stumbles upon this conversation in the future. The Smart bulb is still not fully functional in Smartthings. I think I’m going to remove and re-add ut one more time.

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Good luck!

After you add it this time, take a screenshot of the advanced details page and let’s see how things look there.

Dag nabit! It won’t delete!

Hello JDRoberts, I read your answer about the LB60Z-1 bulb, I have a Fibaro Home Center 2 and I’m not being able to connect to the bulb. I tried to scan it doesn’t find anything. Could you please help me out?

I’m sorry, I don’t know anything about that platform. (This forum is for people who are using the Samsung smartthings, β„’ home automation platform, so all of the questions and answers are assumed to be in that context.)

But my understanding is that it’s a straightforward Z wave controller, so it should be able to work with that bulb. I suggest you contact their support.

Hi there. Just wanted to update the thread. The bulb keeps being found but it not completing the assiociation in smartthings. I dont know what to do.

Hi @Jonathan_Wiliams

This user got it working.

I will include the fingerprints in Z-Wave Bulb Mc

Added to this driver version

 Name         Z-Wave Bulb Mc
 Version      2023-09-11T21:29:44.234838278        
- id: "014F/4754/3038"
  deviceLabel: LB60Z-1 Light
  manufacturerId: 0x014F
  productType: 0x4754
  productId: 0x3038
  deviceProfileName: switch-level
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Thank you. Ill try that tonight

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