Leyview RGB controller thoughts

I have a bunch of ‘nice to have’ projects with LED strips and would like to find a cheaper way to do it than the current options. The LED strip is easy and cheap (Supernight from Amazon) but the controller is expensive compared to other such devices. Does anyone see anything that would specifically preclude this from working with ST? It doesn’t say ZHA 1.2, communication clusters, etc. so I’m guessing I’ll just have to get one and see but just in case I thought I’d seek opinions.


Tagging @twack since he’s the expert here. :slight_smile:

This is a new company doing zigbee devices complete with their own controller systems.

The link you gave says “ad hoc” Zigbee–I’m guessing that’s a translation attempt at “proprietary.”

They are not listed as being certified for the zigbee home automation profile.

You can write the company to find out, but I think you would need their controller to make it work.


Somehow I knew you’d be the first to respond. :wink:

I saw the same thing about ‘ad-hoc’ so my expectations were low. I was looking very specifically for that type of device so I didn’t check the rest of the portfolio but that’s a reasonable conclusion.

I wish I could just buy the controller part of the Osram strip for like $25, then I’d be happy.

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