Leviton wall dimmer "disappears" from Devices

Twice in the last few months, one of my switches has just disappeared from ST. I didn’t remove it, it’s just gone. I have about 100 devices, this one has done this twice now. I assumed I did something to screw it up last time, but it’s happened again.

Is it possible that the system can drop devices for no reason? Is it possible that I did an exclusion and it somehow excluded without being toggled?

It seemed that way to me a couple of times. Last occurrence was when I was away from home & “lost” a hard-wired wall switch. I would have tried power-cycling the hub, the switch, and so on. But I was 1700 miles away. Instead, I asked our daughter to turn off the entire house at the main breaker, then switch it back “on” ten seconds later.

That worked: all devices back & functioning correctly. YMMV, of course…

I’ll try thst, but I’m very skeptical. I logged into the dev panel and it wasn’t there either.

I pulled power and batteries from the hub for a few minutes, and rebooted.

The device did not reappear- I didn’t expect that it would, considering it was gone from the Dev panel.

A few minutes ago I was in another room, and the light suddenly turned off, and the Leviton Dimmer quickly flashed red-orange a few times.

So I logged into ST to see what (if any) notification it had issued, and… that dimmer wasn’t listed either. Logged into theDev portal and… GONE.

Both are Leviton DZ6HD-1BZ. I have about 10 of these in the house now. I spent $$ last year and bought several different devices to see which one was the best, and these won. Now I am wondering if I made the right call.

I had to exclude both switches before adding them back. Of course now I have to update a couple smart apps.

But IS THERE ANY LOGGING?! How can devices just disappear?! Is this an ST Bug or a problem with the devices?

Post is pretty old but I’m hoping you found a solution? I have 2 switches (out of a dozen+) that exhibit this exact behavior. They’re the same model switch and twice in the last 2 weeks they just vanish. They’re gone from the new ST app, gone from all routines and scenes, and gone from the IDE. The only sign that they’ve ever existed are the identifiers in webCoRE where their device names used to be.

I’m planning on opening a ticket along side this in just incase.

Evidently the solution is to get your hands on a ZWave stick or other non-proprietary Zwave control device, then remove those devices from ST. Then attach them to your new network and run some software that is capable of updating their firmware, then remove them from that network and re-add them to SmartThings.

I attempted this with one device, but could not even be sure if I was pulling the right firmware. No support from the manufacturers, no obvious downloads pages, etc.

I gave up.

Honestly, it’s BULLSHIT. I am not sure if the problem is Leviton for barely supporting this stuff and shipping with shit firmware on something like this, or ST for not allowing this type up upgrading.

Either way, it’s just one more step closer to me leaving ST for another platform. I am just not sure which one, and since I have over 100 devices I am in no hurry.