GE Z Wave in Wall Toggle switch disappeared entirely from my smart-things account

All of my devices were working just fine and 3 days ago I noticed that my GE zwave in wall toggle switch completely disappeared from “My Home” “My Things” “Automations” . It was like I never used the switch. I have never seen this happen and there is no use in excluding it because it no longer exists to exclude. The switch works fine, but i have to manually work the switch. The switch right next to it is the same one and works fine.

I have the devicetypeid and deviceid

Has anyone encountered a device as such just disappearing from the app and IDE? I don’t know if I need to replace the switch or what. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

If it’s gone completely, you will need to perform a z-wave general exclusion on it. Then start the pairing process again.

Thank you for your reply, When i do a z-wave general exclusion on it nothing happens and when I try to pair it again, it doesn’t do anything. The same thing happened to the same type of switch I have in my garage but i was able to exclude that and re-add it.

If I was able to add it then the distance shouldn’t make a difference at this point i would think.

I was finally able to exclude it. now lets see if I can add it.

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