Leviton Outlets


This may already be here but i couldn’t seem to find it. When it comes to the Leviton Controlled outlets VRR15-1LZ and DZR15-1LZ are both plugs controlled or only one of them? I’d really like to buy this for our bathroom so i can make sure my wife shuts the hair straightener off when she leaves for work.

Also would you recommend any other smart plugs that i can control both plugs from?


there are no in wall modules that do both plugs.
There is a plug in module, I can’t remember the company, fairly new company, released it in this past 6 months that controls dual plug, but again, it is plug in not in wall


Thanks for the info. I just thought that this was controlled a controlled plug. So I could turn it on or off.

I have never seen one with both plugs controllable. One is controllable and the other on all the time. I guess you could combine a receptical with a pocket socket and control two things on the one receptical.