Leviton DZS15-1BZ Smart Switch making funny clicking noises

Exhibit a : I’ve purchased the Leviton DZS15-1BZ Smart switch, with matching VP0SR-1LZ remotes. These have been installed in non-dimming locations - one install in a hallway is a 4-way switch, and one install in a bedroom is a 2-way switch.

Exhibit b: I also have a 3-way Leviton VRMX1-1LZ and matching VRCZ1-1LZ remote installed in another location on a dimmable chanderlier - these are not causing any problems, and there is not an audible clicking sound when pressing either the main or the remote switch (I mean besides the actual click.)’

All of these have been installed by professional electricians.

So, in the case of the strange click (see exhibit a above), the clicking noise happens, on all 4 of the controlls - the switch AND the remote in one area, and on both controls in the second area. The click is audible and coming only from the location of the main switch, and not the remotes. The click is also audible whether one of the controls is toggled, or through the use of the SmartThings app, as well as through Alexa. So I’m I’m in the middle of the hallway and SmartThings activates the lights, I can clearly tell that the clicking is coming from the installed location of actual switch.

None of this is happening with the dimming controls (exhibit B).

I understand that dimmer and switches work differently. But how differently? Is this normal behavior?

Also, one of the 2-way switches in Exhibit a keeps tripping a breaker in that room every few days. This has never happened before the install, and there’s very little in use in there (it’s a kids’ playroom).

I’d love any input on this. I’m completely confused and the clicking is really freaking me out.

Thanks in advance!

Tripping a breaker means call the electrician to come back. Something is definitely wrong.

As for the Audible clicks, a lot of Z wave on/off switches do have an audible click which you wouldn’t get with a dimmer, and it’s possible it would happen only on the master when the load control relay flips, but first get the tripping issue addressed.

I have the same switches and dimmers. The switches are supposed to click.

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The problem is that they (electricians) did come again. Poked around some more, have no idea what could be causing the issue. They’re saying they breaker should be replaced - but not explaining why. Would a smart switch installation cause those kinds of problems??

Hopefully @Navat604 or one of the other electrical experts can say more.

My own experience has been that anytime something is done to an existing electrical system it may expose a previously unknown problem, but I live in an old house that was cheaply built to begin with.

That sounds normal to me. Dimmer uses triac or electronics for controlling the load. Non dimmer uses relay for open/close the load and that relay is usually at the master switch that’s why you heard it there.

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@navat604 , any comment on this:

Oh sorry that I forgot all about this one before pressing the reply button.
This could be caused by many things. I know you mentioned it was ok before the installation of switches. Breaker tripping is usually caused by short circuit, overload but also by under rated extension cords with a high load. It’s getting cold so you don’t have a space heater connecting to the circuit are you?
Does the breaker tripped when you are operating the light with the switches?
Is it a GFCI breaker?
Is there any other circuits connecting to this breaker? If so. Try using all the circuit at the same time if you don’t know the power draw. Maybe it’s overloading the breaker.
It could also be the breaker. Possible you can swap the breaker with the one beside it if it’s easy?
You can also just remove the line hot wire going into the switch for a few days if you think it’s a faulty switch.