GE/Jasco Zwave plus dimmer switch - single click/pop

I have a handful of the GE Zwave dimmers installed. Half of them are 2 years old and the other half around 4 yrs old.

I’ve notice that one or two of the switches will make a single click or pop sound when the light is turned off via smartthings. It happens roughly 3-10 secs after the light turns off. No other issues with lights flashing or not responding.

Any idea why this would occur? It almost sounds like a relay clicking off. In fact I first thought it was a micro relay that I recently installed making the noise but it’s definitely the GE switch.

In this gang box I do have a few things installed including a GE dimmer switch but also a GE dummy switch that you install as part of a three way light circuit. I’m not sure which one is making the sound.

Any ideas?

If these are the GE 12xxx models, there are a number of reports here about hard failures after about that long.

Search the forums for “GE 12xxx”

All I could find was cases of continuous clicking and not responding or light flickering. I have no connection issues.

It’s been going on for 6months or possibly longer.

Not having the older GE devices means I don’t know all the failure modes.

At least in the models of GE switches and dimmers I have, the aux switch does not have an LED. And the aux switch is not a Z-wave device so will not show up separately from the device it is wired with in 3-way.

I would check with Jasco support. It’s not likely a network issue.

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GE/Jasco recently upped their warranty to 5 years. I was pleasantly surprised to learn this when I had a switch fail that was 3 years old at the same time as one that was only 1.5 years old. They replaced both. I would recommend calling Jasco support for advise and maybe they replace your switches with the latest Enbrighten models.