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Leviton DW6HD-1BZ with a 3 way wiring diagram

(Gabe Johnson) #1

This is my 3 way wiring setup and I’m not sure how it should be configured with the
Leviton DW6HD-1BZ and remote switch. Any help would be appreciated!

(Doug) #2

I believe I’m correct in saying that you cannot make this work, for the switches to work they require a hot, neutral, and traveler, unfortunately in this setup you are missing the ability to have all 3 at the point between the two loads. you would need to install another wire between the two fixtures or replace the 2 wire with a 3.

(Gonzalo Parra) #3

I think it is possible, you actually have 4 wires between the two lights and only need 3… What I do not see in the diagram is the ground wire, do you have ground on both boxes? These switches require ground…

If I get a little bit of time later today I’ll edit your picture with what you need to do…

(Gabe Johnson) #4

That would be awesome! Thank you

(Doug) #5

I’ve tried to map this out and cant see any way it works, if you see something I don’t I’d like to see it.

(Shawn) #6

Was anybody ever able to configure this to work as I think I have the same situation.