Leviton DW6HD-1BZ with a 3 way wiring diagram

This is my 3 way wiring setup and I’m not sure how it should be configured with the
Leviton DW6HD-1BZ and remote switch. Any help would be appreciated!

I believe I’m correct in saying that you cannot make this work, for the switches to work they require a hot, neutral, and traveler, unfortunately in this setup you are missing the ability to have all 3 at the point between the two loads. you would need to install another wire between the two fixtures or replace the 2 wire with a 3.

I think it is possible, you actually have 4 wires between the two lights and only need 3… What I do not see in the diagram is the ground wire, do you have ground on both boxes? These switches require ground…

If I get a little bit of time later today I’ll edit your picture with what you need to do…

That would be awesome! Thank you

I’ve tried to map this out and cant see any way it works, if you see something I don’t I’d like to see it.

Was anybody ever able to configure this to work as I think I have the same situation.