Leviton Dimmer Switch “stuck”

Apologies if this is the wrong forum. Mods can move to another if more appropriate.

I’ve been using ST for several years, largely without problems - hub, devices, apps all stable.

Last night, every single Leviton light in the house stopped working…sort of.

I can turn the lights on/off from the iOS app. However, the dimmer values are “stuck” at 11%. I can use the slider on the app to change the dimmer value but it “snaps back” to 11%.

I recently changed to jorlando74 edge drivers, but that was several weeks ago and all was fine until last night. As part of the diagnostic procedure I loaded the default SmartThings driver on one of the switches - and it behaves the same way (dimmer stuck at 11%).

I also recently changed the type to “LED” - but again that was working for several days.

Has anyone else experienced this?

How long does it take for a changed driver to become “activated?”

I am not sure it is related but I had a similar problem a few weeks ago.

I solved it by ensuring that any Automation had Dimming set to a value (let’s say 100%) when the switch was turned on. Otherwise, it snapped back to a low dimming value as you described.

I don’t know if this is related but may help.

Also, check the history of the device, you may see that the switch is turned on and then the dimming action is performed at the 15%.