Disable dimming on leviton switches

I have some leviton switches that work just fine, I just hate the dimming on them. They’re too slow to turn on and too slow to turn off. I never use the dimming function and would rather it just quickly clicks on to full or off instantly, maybe providing some sort of click feedback too (if possible). Does anyone know how to do this?

I have:
(3) Leviton WD500z
(1) Leviton WT00z

I am using 1 of the wd500z’s and the wt00z as a virtual 3 way switch, which I associated to each other with the aeon minimote. Not sure if that matters for what I’m asking. The other (2) wd500z’s are individual.


I believe that the dimming function is not controlled by ST but rather part of the hardware of the switch. While ST can say turn on the switch. The switch itself ramps up going from low bright to high bright. I do not believe that you will be able to work around this issue with using ST, you will have to replace the switches with a on/off switch vs. a dimming switch.

Not that a big deal but the two models above are linear switches. I have a few and know what you mean. Maybe the leviton are different?

I have had some switches that were on/off only (no dimming function) however would dim on and off. I replaced them with GE IRIS On/Off switches. Worked fine and seem to be very reliable.

Sorry you’re right I got them confused. They are linear. I figured it was a hardware thing I was just hoping someone had a solution.

No problem, the reason I mentioned the brand is because the Leviton does have config ramp rate but not Linear. Not that I know how to do it of course.

You are right, the Leviton’s can be configured to turn on / off instantly, with no ramp. How to do it is in the instructions that come with the dimmer.