Leviton DG15S-1BW pairs but not usable until driver changed in IDE

My Leviton DG15S-1BW Zigbee in-wall light switches pair with SmartThings but show up as Thing and are not controllable. The IDE shows them detected as 2015 Samsung Smart TV. Soon as I change them to Zigbee Switch they work. The dimmer version (DG6HD-1BW) of this switch is detected properly (IDE shows it as Zigbee Dimmer) and works without any changes.



Thanks for posting. I’m just about to order a couple of them.

I had the same experience with the new GE Zigbee 3.0 devices. I think it’s been reported here that the fingerprint for those has been added to SmartThings so they are recognized correctly. Probably just a matter of time for the Levitons.