Leviton decora switch


I have a decora smart switch and trying to use it to replace a power switch to turn on / off power to my garage door opener. It is paired up on a 2 gang switch with a light for the garage and I have it wired correctly (I believe) but power isn’t going through to my garage door opener. I have read that using GE switches, you need to replace both light and garage switch (same gang) for it to work and unsure if this is with smart switches in general.

Any one have any ideas how / why?

The first rule of home automation applies: “the model number matters.“

In this case, Leviton switches generally do use a physical traveler wire, in which case you do have to have a special accessory switch for it. That’s because the smart master switch needs to always have power in order to operate the radio inside it, and many multi switch set ups using dumb switches use a kind of figure 8 pattern where completing the circuit to one which cuts the power to the other. So the wiring needs to be a little different, and that requires the special accessory switch. (That’s true of many smart switches, but not all.)

In the case of wiring issues of this type, your best bet is usually just to get in touch with Leviton support. The contact information will be in the user manual that came with the device.