Using A Leviton Dimmer With Another non smart switch

I just installed a Leviton Dimmer to control my kitchen lights with smartthings. There is another normal switch on the other side of the kitchen that controls the same lights. When the normal switch is in the off position the leviton no longer works.Any ideas?

When you replace one switch in a three-way set up with a networked switch, you will also have to rewire any other switches on the circuit. You cannot leave the former dumb switch in place as the wiring pattern is typically different. This information should be in the user manual for the device that you bought already.

See the following for more details. Although it is discussing GE switches, the Leviton switches use similar wiring:

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thank you! will GE add ons work with Leviton switches? I have the Leviton DZ6HD and was wondering if something like the GE 12723 will work with it.

Leviton makes its own auxiliary switches. You need to check with them to see if their master can work with anything else.