Unexpected "sunrise" event triggered. All lights shut off

I am not sure if this topic is under the correct category. This morning, around 7:08am EST all of the lights in my house shut off. I opened the smartthings app, and seen that there was a new “Sunrise” event that took place. The odd thing is, I havent set any of my modes, apps, or anything to use the Sunrise and Sunset scheduling since there have been many many issues with it, not to mention, I live in FL where there are no hills, so when the sun sets, there is still a ton of light pouring in one side of my house, where i wouldnt need to turn on any lights, etc. Did anyone else have the same thing happen to them this morning?

I’d recommend contacting support@smartthings.com. They’ll be able to help troubleshoot what happened.

Holy Crap @Tyler, thanks for the ridiculously fast response :slight_smile:

I dont want to over burden them if this was a one time thing. I will monitor it to see if it happens again before I open a ticket. I think those guys and girls will be getting a whole lot of tickets opening up in the coming weeks with V2 coming out.

My pleasure! Send them an email anyways. We have an awesome support team and they’d love to assist you - even if it was a one-off issue.

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