Ledvance Smart+ plug (OSRAM) - device is added but no control

I got a LEDVANCE Smart+ Plug (AB32570).

When I add it to the hub it recognizes it as an OSRAM Switch (correct - it just rebranded).
But then … nothing … cannot control it or get status.

Raw: 03 C05E 0010 02 08 1000 0000 0003 0004 0005 0006 0B04 FC0F 01 0019

From the APP I just get the spinner. In the event list I see the ‘on’ request happening and the device is ONLINE.

What can I try to get this working from SmartThings App?

(the plug itself works - when I add it directly to a Hue I can control it there)

What DTH is it using?

Try using the DTH called “Zigbee Switch”, or “Zigbee Switch Power” (if it reports power). You can also try “SmartPower Outlet”, but you won’t get power if the plug doesn’t report it.

Hi John

It uses the Zigbee Switch.
I’d seen your previous replies to another tread so I have also tried the other 2.
But no luck.

I only get it to work via LAN Hue Dimmable. To get it working I added it to the HUE first and then got the ST to rescan HUE devices. That works - but not quite how I was hoping.

Well crap. I know it’s not a dimmer based upon the raw description, but let’s try something? I know this sounds weird, but try “ZigBee Dimmer”. The fingerprint of yours is almost an exact match, except the dimmer cluster (0008). Give that a try?

As a last resort, here’s an odd ball one to try:

“ZLL Dimmer Bulb”

Did you ever get it to work directly with ST?

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