SYLVANIA Smart+ Indoor Plug

Has anyone been able to get this to work with the smartthings hub? I see it in the event log when the hub is is pairing mode, but it never shows up at all on the app.

This is a link to it on amazon:


I have the same problem. Did you find a solution?

No, unfortunately I still haven’t found a solution for this. I tired adding it as a generic Z-Wave dimmer, however either I didn’t so something properly, or that doesn’t work.

At this point I’m thinking about returning it and going with one of the ones that I know work.

Hmm, which are the ones you know that work? I am trying to look for one. Thanks!

I haven’t gotten this to work, at least not with the Smartthings hub. I have run into issues with using it with the Philips Hue hub, but those issues largely as from trying to use it with ST after connecting it to Hue. The fact it works with Hue means it has to be a Zigbee device, which is why you can’t get it to work as a generic Z-wave device. I don’t have a dimable bulb in the lamp plugged into it, so I don’t know if it can function as a dimmer, but from what I’ve read in the Amazon reviews, people have gotten it to work as a generic Zigbee switch. If anyone figures out how to set it up as a generic Zigbee switch, i would like to know, mostly because the damn thing taunts me. I’m going to keep mine, because I do have a lamp with a cheap LED bulb that can now be controlled with Hue. I did however go out and buy the roundish ST plug to do what I wanted the Sylvania plug to do, which is turn on a desk fan and let it run for 8 hours unless I remember to turn it off first.

I have one of these that works great:

My mistake, generic zigbee switch is what I had intended to say. I’ve added it before and had it show up as online, however I’m not able to acutally control it in any way and it always appears as ON regardless of the actual state.

Mine doesn’t even show up online. Any idea how to reset it so it will try pairing with ST?

To reset it you unplug it, then you hold down the power button as you’re plugging it in. Keep holding it down until you hear the click.

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Update on these plugs… The Good News is that after adding a “Thing” to the V2 hub, I can go into the IDE and change the type. I changed it to Zigbee Switch and the app changes from “Tiles Missing” to a normal outlet icon with the label I gave it, in my case being Lightify Plug. Pressing On and Off withing Smartthings does in fact turn it on and off… whoo hoo. Almost.

The bad. For some reason, my Garage light is also going on and off with this switch. It is a Sengled Zigbee Bulb. Smartthings properly updates the status of the Sengled light, showing it in the app as going on or off in sync with the new Sylvania Smart Plug. I checked to make sure they’ve got different Device Network ID’s (they do) and also that the Zigbee ID is unique for each (it is). I have another Zigbee bulb also, but it does not turn on and off with this new power outlet.

Anybody have any insight to share? Thanks.

Success. First, no idea why this newly added switch and my garage light seemed joined together. I removed the garage light and re-added it - no more problem.

Ok, now how to make these great switches work, surprisingly simple.
Add new Thing in Smartthings app, it’ll show as Thing with tiles missing, that’s ok.
Go into the IDE, select the newly added device, it’ll likely say Unknown for type.
Edit the device
In Type, select of the following options:

  1. Zigbee Switch
  2. SmartPower Outlet
    Both of those seem to work reliably offering simple On/Off functionality. I haven’t tested both extensively, but both work so far. I’ve got 2 of these switches so one is set to a SmartPower Outlet and the other as a Zigbee Switch. If one seems to work better than the other, I’ll come back and update with the better one. For now, they seem about equal. Hope this can help somebody.

Are these switches still working reliably for you? They’re $25 on Amazon and explicitly states they’re compatible with Smarthings.

They continue to work very well for me. I have 4 in use daily, no problems.

Update, I finally got around to see if I could get these working again, as I had a new use for them, and I was pleasantly surprised that they are now natively supported by the hub. They show up and work perfectly just adding a thing normally.

Do these report power usage stats or is it just an on/off device?

Though native support is there now - the instructions are not clear.
Make sure the device is in pairing mode. There are no instructions in the Sylvania quick start. Neither is not listed in the list of devices supported in the IDE or the app.

All you have to do is,

Add a thing in Smart and keep it in discovery mode.
Unplug the Smart+ pluug, when you are plugging back again - hold the power button now
Then it would show up in the app!

Hope it helps someone!

Thanks for this, picked up 3 on clearance from CT, you are right, no instructions anywhere on how to pair these, but what you and another mentioned worked! Cheers