Ledvance garden led lights offline but can change colour

Hi, have ledvance outdoor multicolour flex and one is showing as offline but weirdly can change colour, other is working fine.
Have moved ST hub v2 nearer to lights to see if that makes as difference.
Have removed and re-added device
Any ideas?

Device status has been problematic for a long time since it was maintained in the cloud account and it just didn’t have a high level of accuracy.

There is a change coming up very soon where device status will now be maintained on the smartthings hub itself for hub connected devices. Hopefully removing a lot of the cloud issues.

You might just wait for that and see if it fixes the problem. :sunglasses:

Thank you.
Fingers crossed

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Since when you have those lights? Is it a new issue?

I ask only, because as I can recall those lights are based on the originally Osram produced devices.

Osram firmware and hardware were quite terrible, bulbs turning on randomly due to an overflow and doing a reset, dropping messages, not working properly as zigbee repeaters, not communicating generally well.

I have some Osram bulbs on a Hue network, and they tend to go offline there as well, but they operate on commands. As I don’t have sensors there these issues doesn’t really matter.

Otherwise if they do use the ZLL - Zigbee Light Link, in that as I remember, the device only have to communicate if it is changing state or asked for current status. But the Online/Offline marking still depends on the Hub and the cloud. The new way will help a lot to mark devices correctly.

LEDvance is indeed one of the many names Osram has used for their devices in the last 5 years. :wink:

FAQ: The Many Names of Osram/Sylvania/Lightify/LEDvantage

The profile also varies by region. Originally they were ZLL in Europe, ZHA in North America. Now most are Zigbee 3.0 but you still occasionally find an older one for sale.

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I cannot remember that they have really improved the firmware for any of the bulbs.

Was LEDvance the last branding?

I know only that Osram is discontinuing their cloud solution in 2021, so any firmware update possible through their system until that point.

No, the most recent branding is “smart+”. LEDvance was the one before that.

These are ledvance smart+ led lights.
Purchased earlier this year and The uk supplier had to get shipped from manufacturer

I’ve thought that the smart+ was part of the original Osram branding.

Getting pretty far off topic here, but the original branding was “Osram Lightify“ in Europe and “Sylvania lightify” in North America.


Update. I got another zigbee plug to act as a repeater and now the lights are working fine all the time

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What did you get to solve it? An IKEA one?

No an an innr zigbee plug