LED/Temperature Project

(Eric Schuld) #1

I’m looking for someone - who is a bit more coding savvy with Arduino than I - who may be interested in helping with a project.

I do not have the skills at this point to do it myself - but would love to do this! :slight_smile:

Essentially, I would like to take this project: http://www.reddit.com/comments/1i8ge8

BUT - rather than pull the information from weather.gov and using the wifi shield - have it poll the temperature from one of the multi-sensors in my home connecting with the SmartThings shield. (For me - I have an Aeon Multi on my deck - and I want just a quick visual light that will let us know the temp at a glance out there. I will also not be using the full lamp as they do - but likely making a much smaller box to hold it - and maybe a cut in half ping pong ball as the diffuser for the LED.)

I could also see setting it up with multiple LEDs and pulling info from multiple multi’s and making a fun little temperature information center. (Deck temp, kegerator temp, etc… could be fun.)

Anyway - I have all the hardware to make this work. I just am looking for someone to assist in the Arduino Coding and with the smart app if necessary. I will be happy to document it as I did my Garage Door opener (giving credit of course for your code work) - but then sharing it for any others who may be interested.

Shoot me a PM here on the site if you are interested in working with me on this!


(Eric Schuld) #2

Nice - got someone to work with me on it. If anyone else is interested - feel free to PM - but we’ll be sure to share in the project section when it’s done.