Posted Garage Door Instructions

Hey all - I just posted up my instructions on using the SmartThings Arduino Shield with a cheap relay to control your garage door on the projects page.

Take a look - would love some feedback on it if you see anything that isn’t quite right about it. It is my current setup at home and is working great. I tried to be as clear with it as I could - to make it as easy as possible on anyone who would like to use it in their home.


Also - huge thanks to Andrew at SmartThings for his help on it!

very nice, thanks.


Can this all be done at a normal consumer level pledge, or does it require a dev package?

I don’t know that answer for sure. I’m pretty sure it’ll be normal consumer level - once the Arduino library is made public etc. You will need the shield of course - which I think will be in their store once they are through with the kickstarter deliveries.

Everyone will be able to access the online IDE so the only thing you would need for this package is the Arduino shield.