Arduino Library

(Ian) #1

I’m super excited to have my SmartThings shield.  Where do I find the SmartThings library and a sample sketch or two?

(Andrew Urman) #2

Hey Ian I’m working on a page where it can be downloaded and have some sweet tutorials. Til then I’ll message you my dropbox link where you can download the library and some examples.

(Ian) #3

Perfect Thanks!

(Ken) #4

Could I get a copy as well, as well as some specs on the shield (what pins are used, mostly)

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #5


Though, also, off topic, – Are the header holes (ummm… I don’t know the technical term) on the Multi-Sensor defined for user expansion? Not too sure how much the Multi-Sensor costs, but it seems like it could easily be the base sensor for any kind of on/off switch, and maybe even a variable-capacitor (i.e., dimmer).

(Bent Wright) #6

Also anxious to see a page/library.  I have this beautiful toy I want to play with, and have little idea where to start.

(Andrew Urman) #7

This weekend I promise! As I was starting I had to jump on a plane.

(Ken) #8

Is this documentation available anywhere yet?  While the examples are somewhat helpful it’d be extremely useful to have the documentation instead of reverse-engineering everything from the examples.

(Steve Cooley) #9

Hey, I’d love to join in here. My kit showed up yesterday. I’m kind of baffled that there’s no official resources yet?!

(Andrew Urman) #10

Here is my first draft of the page. I’ll be adding more like in-depth tutorials down the road.

(Ben Edwards) #11

New Arduino Library link.