Alternative LED Strip Ideas


I have ST and quite a bit of Hue lighting including a few Lightstrip V2 sets. They are fantastic. However, I need to replace a simple ropelight that runs on top of my kitchen cabinets as they are now dying. I’ve considered the Hue Lightstrips but I don’t feel they are the best option for the location for several reasons. I don’t need full RGB and they won’t fit as well as the standard LED lightstrip lighting that can be found on places like Amazon. I can easily cut and reconnect, turn corners and even go all the way around the top of the cabinets if one length proves to be too little light. However, I would like to integrate them somewhat into my other lighting. I don’t need anything fancy. In fact, I was thinking pretty much on and off which I could accomplish via Z-Wave or ZigBee outlets. But, if I could add dimming, that would be a really nice addition.

I know I can add controllers that will allow for internet control (if not ST control) and I’ve seen the little Fibaro controller which is cool but I think overkill for my needs on this as, once again, I don’t need full RGB support or anything fancy. I’m hoping that a simple outlet/dimmer would work. I found this one available at Home Depot, Amazon and the like for a fairly reasonable price:

It will definitely work with ST, it even says so in the listing. However, I just wanted to be sure that it should work with the LED lighting. I says LED lights but I don’t know enough to know if that only means traditional LED light bulbs in a lamp fixture. If this would work for the lightstrips, this would be quite simple and ideal for me - or one similar to it.

Any knowledge you could share on this would be really helpful. If there are other similar options that are out there that could integrate with ST, please let me know. I’m being a bit more cost conscience on this one as I just don’t need the same level of adjustability as the other Hue strips I have elsewhere. I’d love to hear any thoughts or ideas. Thanks so much!

If you have a Logitech Harmony setup, you could go this route: