Led lights & Living Room lamp lights

Hello and thank you for your time.

When, using our google home, we say, “Hey Google turn on the living room lights” the living room lights AND our new LED TV lights come on as well. How do we separate the two?

What i have done is created a routine in google home and set the command to WHEN: “turn lamps on” and the option under that ASSISTANT WILL: “turn on four lamps”

Now in smartthings I created a virtual switch called “four lamps” and added my main 4 lamp to it that I want to control.

I had a lot of trouble with google trying to work with my lights (similar to your issues), but this now seems to work without any issue. Just separate the main lights like this.

First, thank you so much for your time!! Okay I think you got me on the right path here. However, I have two lights, (TV back lights and living room lamp lights), which I am trying to “separate”. So I created a “routine” that says WHEN: I say turn on the living room lights" JUST the living room lights come on. Unfortunately, both lights still activate when I say “turn on the living room lights”. I must be missing a step. Any thoughts?

Hi, I also tried to call my routine “living room lamps or lights”, but the problem was that google still recognises the command living room as all the lights in the living room. So you need to make a routine \ virtual switch called anything except living room, may be call them lights lamps or down lights, etc.

For me it was easy to call them lamps as all my smart lights are all standing or table lamps, but it still would have been nice to call them living room lights.

I hope this helps.